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  • Essential Orthopaedics
    • J. Maheshwari Essential Orthopaedics: 4th Edition. – New York: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, 2011. – 351 p
    • The fourth edition of Essential Orthopaedics is a thoroughly revised, step by step guide to orthopaedics. It covers numerous different injuries and conditions, with each chapter beginning with a brief review of the relevant anatomy, followed by discussion on the principles and methods of treatment. Each condition described has a treatment plan and a summary of the key learning points at the end of each chapter. Simple line diagrams, self explanatory flow charts and tables supplement the text to help understanding. Sections on instruments and implants, as well as orthopaedic terminology are included.
  • Orthopedics Quick Review for NEET/DNB
    • Apurv Mehra. Orthopedics Quick Review for NEET/DNB: – New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, 2013. – 155 p
    • This book Orthopedics Quick Review (NEET/DNB Supplement) is intended to help the student to quickly review the subject for MCQ examinations. The table of contents of the book covers the wide landscape of orthopaedic discipline. To maintain objectivity and transparency, admissions based upon objective MCQ type of questions is the best of all assessment systems, granting that no assessment system is really “perfect”. This book would help the prospective candidates to channalise their thinking process for the admission tests. The question-answer style of various sections would also help the prospective faculty (who compose the MCQs) to standardise the frame word for constructing the question with least ambiguity and for appropriate level of MBBS graduates.